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Format: .MP3
11/14/2011 Digital Stranger
3.14 MB
Audible Automan
Work in progress. (collaboration)
2.48 MB
San Bruno
2.3 MB
1/7/2011 VHS Apocalypse 8 Bit
8.93 MB
10/16/2010 Griffes5
2.66 MB
10/16/2010 Dire consequence
1.68 MB
10/16/2010 Scriabin - Etudes Op. 42 No. 6 NES
2.54 MB
11/9/2009 All You Got
3.03 MB
11/8/2009 Juptr
2.08 MB
10/28/2009 Alborada
1.16 MB
9/18/2009 We`re Walking in the Air NES
4.37 MB
6/13/2009 Olympic Heroes NES
2.01 MB
Keep ya Head Lo (feat. B Potts)
1.85 MB
The ASIO buffer got corrupted, resulting in some interesting distortion.
339.28 KB
6/5/2009 Laura Wohlers
Don't make Laura angry! Hope this shows up in Google results.
1.6 MB
6/2/2009 Polyrhythm 3
1.58 MB
6/2/2009 Harp
1.92 MB
6/2/2009 People`s Court (Kato Kaelin downmix)
1.33 MB
3/18/2009 Machine
1.16 MB
3/18/2009 Chalupa
1.92 MB
6/9/2008 Desolate SP
886.93 KB
5/28/2008 France Rail
Extreme compression; Justice wanna be.
2.51 MB
5/27/2008 Bone Table
2.58 MB
5/10/2008 Notorious Song (2g1c) NES
1.05 MB
1/20/2008 We`re Brothers Forever (Feat. K-ci & Jojo)
1.85 MB
12/18/2007 Cruising In My Car
An attempt at an 80's gated drum sound. Little too much...
2.26 MB
11/15/2007 Little Funky Synth (Pick Up The Pieces)
Matt Montag Music Page one-year anniversary special.
3.78 MB
11/8/2007 Trendy Plus
Some nice builds, then the song collapses.
4.97 MB
10/6/2007 Trendy
1.64 MB
10/2/2007 Pooch & Bobo
My first Ableton track.
3.64 MB
9/28/2007 Polyrhythm 2a
Inspired by Scriabin Opus 42 No. 1 and No. 6.
1.35 MB
9/24/2007 1752245259
I can Squarepusher BT, can you? edit: Made in Ableton (and recorded as a GTalk voicemail)
791.04 KB
8/24/2007 O-O-Okay
2.2 MB
VHS Apocalypse
The only song I'm proud of. Beneath a xenon skyline, cyborgs labor underground. Tormented by echoes of their erased and destroyed memories.
8.91 MB
8/23/2007 NES Love (Beta)
My first MCK/MML track. Love it or h8 it. NSF
545.66 KB
Real Blue (Remix)
4.17 MB
6/16/2007 Sometimes (Beta)
This was created in MilkyTracker, just a learning experience. Tracking is fun because you have to put expressive musical stuff in the form of hexadecimal numbers.
2.07 MB
3/6/2007 Hang Lo (so rough cut)
1.97 MB
1/8/2007 Global Warming
1.93 MB
11/17/2006 pspRhythm3-3
1.99 MB
11/17/2006 pspRhythm8-5
1.79 MB
11/17/2006 pspRhythm7-4
pspRhythm files were created using PSP Rhythm 6 on the Playstation Portable.
1.24 MB
11/17/2006 pspRhythm5-1
1.97 MB
11/17/2006 pspRhythm4-2
973.86 KB
11/3/2006 04
1.87 MB
9/25/2006 Sounds like a chiptunes
2.54 MB
8/14/2006 Drum& Bass Song (rIPLEYs)
2.46 MB
4/4/2006 Robots in Church LW473
1.98 MB
4/3/2006 april 35
66.04 KB
4/3/2006 april 33
195.19 KB
4/3/2006 april 34
131.87 KB
4/3/2006 april 32
85.16 KB
april 31
The April songs are like loops to use with a chillout beat.
64.47 KB
3/31/2006 chicago strange
56.32 KB
3/31/2006 chicago shambles
151.41 KB
3/31/2006 chicago melancholy
213.89 KB
3/31/2006 chicago gray
22.68 KB
3/29/2006 soap opera
46.08 KB
3/29/2006 withered flowers
100 KB
3/29/2006 portal clock
41.85 KB
3/29/2006 Funken
2.03 MB
3/28/2006 summon vampires
50.16 KB
anxious sickly
I woke up with flu symptoms, coughing in a dusty room, and didnt want to go to work, so i fell back to sleep.
97.8 KB
3/28/2006 bloody dollhouse
27.43 KB
2/15/2006 The 4 Chord Turnaround
1.7 MB
2/8/2006 doofinout
981.38 KB
faith edkin
This is faith edkin's horoscope with a new age sound track. She put her horoscope on her zanga once
1.81 MB
7/30/2005 July 30
1.7 MB
6/30/2005 Jazzmaninoff
215.36 KB
Breakpoint 98
1.2 MB
1/30/2005 Parmesan Ranger
2.74 MB
2/11/2004 iraqsong_final
3.98 MB
10/31/2003 Good King Wenceslas
2.3 MB
7/14/2003 I Am Better Then You
301.24 KB
7/14/2003 UFO Mistery
658.23 KB
3/10/2003 Nintendo Sonata No. 1
5.33 MB
2/25/2003 Shyam`s Rap
743.05 KB
2/19/2003 Eric Buys a Big n Tasty
234.79 KB
11/21/2001 weird stuff
1.04 MB
3/26/2001 freakish misery
1.43 MB
11/3/2000 Song for George
3.52 MB

Format: .MID
6/17/2005 Nascar
2.12 KB
6/8/2005 Matt Miller
4.05 KB
9/30/2004 The dire consequence
3.22 KB
3/6/2003 Nintendo Sonata No. 1 (LEVEL99)
48.62 KB
2/13/1999 david starks
1.68 KB
2/13/1999 mystery
0.47 KB
2/23/1998 computer
5.49 KB
8/26/1996 sweet02
6.44 KB


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