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WFS Paper Presented at AES 131

I presented a short paper derived from my thesis work at the 131st Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in New York City. The paper is titled Wave Field Synthesis in Three Dimensions by Multiple Line Arrays. The paper focuses on subjective assessment of a modification to traditional wave field synthesis. I met Dr. Frank […]

Gaze-Enhanced HDR Viewing

Someday, Walmart will sell TVs capable of blinding you. But until then, we have to deal with weak displays that cannot reproduce the sun's luminosity. And High Dynamic Range images will have to be viewed by proxy.   Tones that fall in the HDR range of the histogram are tones that are impossible to display on […]

Exact MP3 Recompression

Let's say you have a library for decoding MP3* streams, and your library exposes some API methods that provide access to the resulting uncompressed PCM audio stream. It's meant to hide the original MP3 data, so people can't save it to disk and rip you off. Is it possible to "reverse engineer" the PCM data […]

Multi-Touch for Musical Applications

This semester, I have been working with Stefan Sullivan and Scott Dickey on a multi-touch table for musical applications. My goal was to get latency to an absolute minimum, since even small delays can ruin the experience of performance. We achieved 25-30ms latency from touch to audio output with our camera-based system, compared to 50-60ms […]

Voice to NES Music Converter

This is a weekend project idea. Wouldn't it be cool to sing into a mic and have your voice converted to the sweet sound of a 2A03 pulse-width-modulated square wave? "Yes, Matt, that would be cool! But how can it be done!?" I'll tell you. I've got a VST instrument that does my NES synthesis […]

WFS Designer Preview

Coming soon...

Display-Aided Head Tracking

If you've ever used Apple's PhotoBooth software to take a picture of yourself with the webcam built into the screen, you'll notice the display turns white when the picture is taken. The idea is to use the monitor as a flash bulb - it illuminates your face and produces a better image in low-light conditions. […]

Wave field synthesis graphical simulation

This is a Processing sketch/Java applet that simulates wave field synthesis. A virtual source follows the position of the mouse cursor. It's useful for visualizing the behavior and limitations of WFS. Right now it lets you change parameters of a line array, and I'll try to extend it to simulate other array configurations. Key Commands: […]