Unlocking the Yamaha DSR-2000

Yamaha DSR-2000
Yamaha DSR-2000.

I've been trying to reverse engineer the system exclusive voice dump format of the DSR-2000 keyboard. It is powered by the 4-operator Yamaha YM2414 OPZ chip, similar to the DX11, TX81Z, and a few others. The DSR-2000 is probably the most powerful FM keyboard Yamaha produced with the Portasound label (i.e., marketed to non-musicians), and a sysex editor would bring it up to the fully-programmable level of the professional keyboards.

Yamaha YM2414B, FM Operator type Z (OPZ).

Portasound JS

This sysex breakdown was used to create the DSR-1000/2000 layout in the Portasound JS online editor. If you are one of the few people who actually own this keyboard, do let me know if it works!

DSR-2000 Data Sheet

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