Fill In The Blanks


Purpose Monthly Visits Revenue/Notes location tracking ? ? financial tracking 1,200k+ High dollar affiliate
marketing promotions - banks, loans, credit cards, mortgages time tracking 80k- Premium accounts $9/month
for long-term (1 year+) data view and trend analytics social/location sharing 120k $13 million investment.
Location based advertising, virtual coupons i.e. Jack-in-the-Box

Premium accounts $3/month for enhanced iPhone push service social/location gaming 400k+ rising $1 million investment.
Just launched. Location based advertising social/location sharing 150k+ rising Location based advertising social/location sharing 200k- Looks like a 37 signals
site. Awesome ad offerings: In-App, Mobile Web, SMS, Web, Site
Takeover, In-Map, Sponsorship. Targeting: Location, Behavioral, Time of
Day, Activity, Demographics, Language, Content, Weather. Great example
here. fitness/mapping 600k- seasonal Sleazy looking site.
Saturated w/banner ads. Tiered premium accounts, $30-$60-$100/year.
Sent them a ranting comment a while back and received a thoughtful
response, though. fitness/mapping 80k seasonal Ad supported. Hobby site fitness/mapping 200k seasonal Ad supported. Runaway
success hobby site

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