Hacking Picasa Web Album URLs

I was messing around with Picasa Web Albums trying to get an embed URL for an image at just the right size. It turns out you can do some weird stuff just by messing around with the URL.

Here's the format:
http://[photo server].com/[unique image code]/[options]/[image name].jpg

You can tweak the options to your liking and do useful stuff like resizing the image on the fly and providing download links. Multiple option parameters are separated by hyphens.

Parameters you can adjust:

s500 - returns a resized image with a maximum height or width of 500 pixels
w100 - returns a resized image 100 pixels wide
h300 - returns a resized image 300 pixels tall
c - crops the image to square proportions (for thumbnails, etc.)
d - forces the link to prompt a user to "Save As..."
g - generates forbidden access
h - generates server error

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