Research Topics

Some research topics and project ideas for Fall 2010. Originally posted September 25, 2010

  • Wave field synthesis (thesis topic)
    • desktop line array construction
    • 96 driver modular array construction
    • incorporate source directivity in software simulation
    • FEM or parametric simulation with parallel acceleration (jCUDA); Java applet for visualizing loudspeaker array acoustic wave field, "wave box"
  • Low-latency touch table
    • haptic feedback
    • virtual air hockey
    • parallax motion response
    • 48"x36"x0.25" Acrylic
    • 16 ft 850 nm LED strip
    • Viewsonic 120hz DLP short throw projector
    • Arduino + vibrator actuators
  • Auditory distance perception listening test
  • Audio bandage similar to Photoshop intelligent fill

Other ideas...

  • "TuneScribble" simple web-based sequencer
  • Acoustic explosion synthesis (gunshots, cannons, and bombs in matlab...)
  • Level adjust/auto gamma correction for washed out photographs of projected images or photos through fog
  • iPhone app for transcribing voice to instrument, intelligent algorithm, MIDI export
  • iPhone app/tools for convention schedules, "What's happening now?"

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