Multi-Touch for Musical Applications

This semester, I have been working with Stefan Sullivan and Scott Dickey on a multi-touch table for musical applications. My goal was to get latency to an absolute minimum, since even small delays can ruin the experience of performance.

We achieved 25-30ms latency from touch to audio output with our camera-based system, compared to 50-60ms average for iPad/iPhone-based multi-touch applications, and over 100ms for our previous multi-touch table. We also tested a simple method for providing haptic feedback to the user through vibration of the table surface.

Our paper on creating a low-cost, low-latency multi-touch table for musical applications was accepted to the NIME 2011 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) conference in Oslo, Norway, where we will be presenting sometime between May 29 and June 2.

The PDF paper can be downloaded here:
A Low-Cost, Low-Latency Multi-Touch Table with Haptic Feedback for Musical Applications

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  1. Very interesting concept!! Music on multi touch? superb idea and i loved your invention. Big thumbs up for you. Keep on going and want to see your final output.

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