Les Larmes

Will and I played Les Larmes at Music Hall, 2427 Union Drive tonight.

The performance was a thrilling success.  We were first in a lineup of about 25.  We were the only performers that May Lim introduced herself.  We marched to the pianos, bearing twenty fingers of fury and Rachmaninoff coursing through our veins.  As I sat down at the piano, the I felt the Well of Anxiety uncapped and 40 oz of adrenaline floods my bloodstream.  I aim for B flat and close my eyes.

Seven minutes and 57 measures later, the audience is clapping.

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  1. that is so incredibly freaky.  good job!

  2. Anonymous

     /  December 5, 2003 Quote

    I enjoyed your performance the most.

  3. wow... seeing me at the Starlite... yeah. that is true of so many people. which one were you?

  4. les larmes is husband and you guys are the beaten wife


  5. hey you're a cutie

  6. i wish i had been there to see you guys play, that would've been awesome

  7. i really really really love that picture of you... wow.  keep up being awesome.


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