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Universal's Audible Watermark

This is my personal blog. The views expressed on this page are mine alone. Update, April 8, 2013: Can you hear it? Take the watermark listening test. Update, January 14, 2015: Check out the results of the listening test. A while ago, I wrote about my confusion regarding Weird Spotify Compression Artifacts. It turns out […]

Mac OS X Speech Synthesis Markup

I put a Sound Blaster 16 in my first computer. It came with a CD-ROM full of goodies like Dr. Sbaitso, the talking psychologist. One app was called TextAssist and it had a special syntax that let you string together phonemes, specifying pitch, duration, even vibrato. I spent hours composing weird robot jingles. Itsy Bitsy […]

Music Smasher: Streaming Music API Mashup

Music Smasher is a smash up of popular music streaming service APIs. I developed it to simplify the task of searching across Spotify, Rdio, Grooveshark, and other catalogs to find out who has the music you love, giving you more information for choosing a streaming service. Music Smasher is currently hosted at Note that […]

Weird Spotify Compression Artifacts

This is my personal blog. The views expressed on this page are mine alone and not those of my employer. Spotify Artifacts Showcase I love Spotify. But I've noticed some weird artifacts on a few albums. It sounds like a fluttery warble noise in the midrange. It's most noticeable during big string or choir sections […]

Multi-Touch for Musical Applications

This semester, I have been working with Stefan Sullivan and Scott Dickey on a multi-touch table for musical applications. My goal was to get latency to an absolute minimum, since even small delays can ruin the experience of performance. We achieved 25-30ms latency from touch to audio output with our camera-based system, compared to 50-60ms […]

Speech Gender Conversion

Interesting gender conversion results... Barack Obama obama.wav obama_to_female.wav obama_to_child.wav Sarah Palin palin.wav palin_to_male.wav palin_to_female.wav Katie Couric couric.wav couric_to_male.wav Al Gore algore.wav algore_to_female.wav algore_to_child.wav Hip-Hop turnstiles.wav turnstiles_to_child.wav Details on the project page.

Voice to NES Music Converter

This is a weekend project idea. Wouldn't it be cool to sing into a mic and have your voice converted to the sweet sound of a 2A03 pulse-width-modulated square wave? "Yes, Matt, that would be cool! But how can it be done!?" I'll tell you. I've got a VST instrument that does my NES synthesis […]

PADsynth in MATLAB

PADsynth is a synthesis technique that generates a lush sound with a simple algorithm. The algorithm begins with additive synthesis, where you build a timbre with a sine wave at the fundamental and each overtone. A frequency magnitude plot of this would show several thin spikes. PADsynth adds a twist. You can make the sound […]