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Google Latitude is Cool

Google Latitude is starting to look a lot like my original Stractor location tracking concept work. They have pie charts that illustrate where you spend your time; work, home, out and about. Google Latitude: Stractor: Okay, that's nice. Here are some other Stractor concepts...maybe we'll see some of these soon:

Music Smasher: Streaming Music API Mashup

Music Smasher is a smash up of popular music streaming service APIs. I developed it to simplify the task of searching across Spotify, Rdio, Grooveshark, and other catalogs to find out who has the music you love, giving you more information for choosing a streaming service. Music Smasher is currently hosted at Note that […]

Weird Spotify Compression Artifacts

This is my personal blog. The views expressed on this page are mine alone and not those of my employer. Spotify Artifacts Showcase I love Spotify. But I've noticed some weird artifacts on a few albums. It sounds like a fluttery warble noise in the midrange. It's most noticeable during big string or choir sections […]

Pandora and Flash Player

December 2010. I am using a Pentium 4 2.2 GHz machine, Chrome browser, and playing some Pandora tunes. When Pandora is in the foreground, Flash Plugin is using 50% CPU time. When I switch to another tab, Flash cools down to 10% CPU time. So just a tip there, hide that Pandora if you want […]

What’s Wrong with the University of Miami IT Policy

The University of Miami campus network and IT policy has problems. It's a big part of life for college students and faculty, so this is a call to action. Here are a few frustrating things that the IT department at Miami should try to improve. 1) University e-mail forwarding is prohibited You aren't allowed to […]

A note to Digsby developers: Fix file transfers

Re: Digsby Blog - Striving for Perfection No Gtalk File Transfer = No Perfection. In order to revolutionize chat, Digsby must create a working file transfer solution for Gtalk. Trillian, Meebo, Adium. Many have attempted and many have Failed to answer the call for cross-protocol Instant File Sharing. Some more miserably than others. Whoever can […]

Hacking Picasa Web Album URLs

I was messing around with Picasa Web Albums trying to get an embed URL for an image at just the right size. It turns out you can do some weird stuff just by messing around with the URL. Here's the format: http://[photo server].com/[unique image code]/[options]/[image name].jpg You can tweak the options to your liking and […]

Chrome OS

When I first heard about Chrome OS, Google's browser-oriented operating system, I dismissed the idea. I thought it was stupid to build your computer architecture around Internet browsing. But my opinion is slowly changing. We are in a transitional period. All our favorite desktop applications have been creeping into the browser: - A Reason-like […]