List of Flat-Shaded 3D Polygon Games

Hotshot Racing (Racing Apex)
Hotshot Racing, a 2020 game by Lucky Mountain.

Most flat-shaded 3D video games were released between 1988 and 1996. These games rendered with untextured polygons peaked around 1992-1993. Many of the early games utilizing solid 3D shading were flight simulators. With the introduction of Playstation in 1994, texture mapping became the norm, and by 1996, faceted polygons had all but vanished.

Chart of Flat Polygon Games by Release Year

Most of the games on this list appearing after 1997 are rereleases or remakes of older titles. For example, three of Namco's awesome System 21 titles — Cyber Sled, Solvalou, and Starblade — were released for the Wii Virtual Console in 2009. Sega Model 1 games (Virtua Racing, et al) also enjoyed many reincarnations over the years.

This list is maintained in a Flat Shaded Games Google spreadsheet.

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