Wave Field Synthesis speakers

wfs speakers

The first batch of 25 speakers for the WFS array has arrived. These will go into a mini-array configuration for testing nearfield listening.

I bought these 4 ohm, 2" drivers from a distributor that happens to be in southern Florida.

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  1. Cost per unit ? manufacturer ?

  2. Oh sorry - I see the link now. I am building a small wfs setup - I would love to see the plans and what are you powering the spealers with ?

  3. Cost per unit is somewhere under $2, here you go: http://www.mpja.com/4-Ohm-Mini-Speaker/productinfo/14618+SP/

    Gento P/N ZSP99023A
    Mini, 2" , Foam edge, paper cone speaker with 1oz. ferrite magnet.
    Imp: 4 ohm
    Sen: 90db
    Freq: 400-8KHz.
    SQ: 2-1/16" T: 1-1/4" WT: .27

  4. I am powering the speakers with Sure Electronics stereo 8W audio amplifiers from Parts Express.

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