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Unlock Web Audio in Safari for iOS and macos

I've had hours of frustration dealing with Web Audio in Safari. Especially with ScriptProcessorNode, it just doesn't want to work. Here's a solution I've arrived at. This is written in ES6 JavaScript, and will work in both iOS and macos: function safariAudioUnlock(audioCtx) { if (context.state !== 'suspended') return; const b = document.body; const events = ['touchstart','touchend', […]

Les Larmes

Will and I played Les Larmes at Music Hall, 2427 Union Drive tonight. The performance was a thrilling success.  We were first in a lineup of about 25.  We were the only performers that May Lim introduced herself.  We marched to the pianos, bearing twenty fingers of fury and Rachmaninoff coursing through our veins.  As I sat down at the […]

DG Centenary Collection

Hello everyone. I want to let you all know about a great CD set I have discovered. It's called the Deutsche Grammophon Centenary Collection.  It celebrates DG's 100th anniversary and is broken into six box sets, comprising over 60 CD's in total.  The discs are packed with award-winning recordings of DG's most famous artists, including Herbert von Karajan, Daniel […]