Unlocking the Yamaha DSR-2000

Yamaha DSR-2000
Yamaha DSR-2000.

I've been trying to reverse engineer the system exclusive voice dump format of the DSR-2000 keyboard. It is powered by the 4-operator Yamaha YM2414 OPZ chip, similar to the DX11, TX81Z, and a few others. The DSR-2000 is probably the most powerful FM keyboard Yamaha produced with the Portasound label (i.e., marketed to non-musicians), and a sysex editor would bring it up to the fully-programmable level of the professional keyboards.

Yamaha YM2414B, FM Operator type Z (OPZ).

Portasound JS

This sysex breakdown was used to create the DSR-1000/2000 layout in the Portasound JS online editor. If you are one of the few people who actually own this keyboard, do let me know if it works!

DSR-2000 Data Sheet

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  1. Robotz

     /  April 2, 2022 Quote

    I was looking for DSR2000 sysex for agesl, i've see that a MIDI manual was supply original with the keyboard, but never could find one.
    I really dont understand the table, but I'm happy to see this!!

    Keep good work!

    Best regards!

  2. Pal Meentzen

     /  May 4, 2022 Quote

    The Portasound JS sysex editor is overall responsive, but there are a few quirks.

    I thought I could use it on a Mac notebook, but the editor for Mac won´t detect the interface (iRig MIDI2). It does get detected on an ASUS laptop running on Win 10. That´s pretty odd.

    Also, any use of a sound parameter in the editor will cause the DSR2000 to always automatically redirect to User voice 01, which seems to be the default sound. Is it not possible to select one of the preset voices (presets 40 to 99) and work from there?

    And what is supposed to be done with the parameter test bench? Any parameter use just mutes out the sound. It looks very versatile though.

  3. Alex

     /  May 18, 2023 Quote

    Hey there, thanks for making this and I'm looking at giving it a test soon and will get back to you on how well it works, seems like it'd be really useful to get some more templates to then edit further on the dsr itself.
    Are you still actively working on this / using this and is there a potential download of the program we could get so we're future proofed?

  4. Works on dsr-1000. It would be useful to be able to export presets to a file. Some algorithms are incorrectly recognized, e.g. in the first algorithm, operator no. 4 cannot be heard if it is solo and it should be. Will the project be further developed?

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